The Silk Road train arrives in Isfahan with its foreign passengers

The 29th Golden Eagle International Tourism Train, headed ‘Silk Road (North-South)’, arrived at the Isfahan Railway Station on Sunday.

A concise study of gastronomy and food culture in Iranian cuisine

Food has been always considered to be more than just something to eat or drink. Because food in human history has a wide range of common heritage, cultural and social identity, intercultural convergence.

Things you should know about Iranian Islands

Among the natural heritage of Iran, what, particularly noticeable in the Persian Gulf, are the islands that have scattered over the southern waters of Iran like diamonds and emeralds.

Tourist attractions in Sistan and baluchestan

Sistan and baluchestan is the house of Baloch tribe. The tribe which best remembered with splendid women’s’ mirror embroidery designed dresses and men’s white long clothing more than anything else.