The ilotousgroup is a consortium of several groups, each specialized and professional in its own affairs, these experts in a group, will provide you with the best services.

Centinela Group

The group was started in 2013 as a site containing all news and information about the Spanish-speaking world from the perspective of the media and analysis in Iran, in two Spanish and Persian languages, during an official ceremony with the presence of representatives from Spanish-language embassies and it began its work. Unfortunately, this site was cyber attacked in Argentina during the second year of operation, and the server was inactive.

After a long time, a new site was replaced as (The Latin World) in Persian, a collection of information and news about Spain and Latin America as published in the media in Iran to follow recent events easier. One of the side activities of this group is the Spanish Bufe Ketab (café and library) in Tehran, a unique place collected by elites in the fields of literature and arts. a decoration of Spanish and Latin American cultures, with its unique food available to the public. Micro or small theaters available in two languages Persian and Spanish and the other activities of this center is Spanish congresses, small library, foreign games and Spanish classes. The favorable role in this center is to introduce the people, customs and attractions of Spanish culture for travelers. Many Spanish speakers who have traveled to our country have been enjoying delicious foods in the Book buffet, including: Peruvian food, Latin beverages, and South American coffee, along with Matte tea (known as Indian).

The Arghavan Gasht Sahi (travel agency)

The Arghavan Travel Agency is one of the most experience and high-facility companies in the field of tourism. It has a long history in providing travel tickets in the kind of booking hotels, designing general and professional tourism trips in all of the world including Incoming and outgoing tours, single ticket, world tourism and Iran tourism. It’s also active in the field of education, medical tourism and the basic role of this center is to guide you how to get the visa of Iran and other countries, fix appointment for several embassies and Issuing travel insurances for abroad passengers.

The translation office No. 806

This office is the first step for applicants to translate the documents into Spanish, the experts in this office are the most reliable option to provide your application to translate related documents, especially in limit time. Our motto is to manage the customers time with no extra charge. verifying documents is by the Ministry of juridical, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and even Spanish-language embassies in Tehran, offering advices in case of travel plans to Spanish areas, get appointment and filling embassy forms especially revision all forms in cases of rejection.

The Euro_Iranian in Madrid

The Euro-Iranian group in Madrid was formed to facilitate communication between the private sector of Iran and Spain, and in this case, some business companies received valuable attendance and non-attendance services. The Euro-Iranian group activity was selected in December 2016 by the Alcobendas City Council from Madrid, as the second appreciated project of the year

 and extending its activities in the field of legal advice, financial, currency exchange, renting, real state and investments, residential visas of any kind, arranging incoming tourism in Spain and other Latin countries. This group is representative of some Spanish training courses, education and schools as: SEK – El Castillo school (selected by the Real Madrid club in all levels), American school and Ael Madrid language institute.

The Webcast Technical Group

This group is the digital Importer of ilotousgroup marketing and virtual spaces, also managing all the communication infrastructures, software, website design and social pages. In these days, providing cyber services to the users can be very effective and useful.

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